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Normal gunsEdit

These are guns that were introduced in the very beginning of the game when it was published to the iTunes Store. It is highly recommended that obtain better weapons as quickly as possible.

Dojo GunsEdit

the good gun the good gun 9 damage and 9 level and 4500 money cheaps gun

M4-Riffle that shoots a single bullet. each bullet does 8 damage. It has a slight spread,
M4 riffle

good gunthe good gun power 1 5 level and buy 4500 money

Location- Dojo in top right corner of the map for 4500$ gralats (see bottom of section)

good gun cheaps gun 4500

and cool


hard gun the hard gun power 1 level 7 damage 9 changl colors Ammo 1111112

NEW WEAPON Released on Satruday 11

Famas- A rifle that is basically a variation of the M4, with more freeze, but it is automatic.

Dojo store

This is where the M4 and Famas is sold. It is in the dojo at the top right part of the map

Egg Roll Shack GunsEdit

AP7- A gun that looks like a pistol but with a silencer. It does 8 damage and can be used as
a dual wield

Location- Egg roll shack (secret location) dive down to the left of the "warning deep water sign" It is 1 gralts each (see bottom of section) Tarus- A gun that resembles a revolver. It has a very slow reload and does 9 damage per bullet, with a clip of 6.


Location- Egg roll shack (secret location) dive down to the left of the "warning deep water sign"

Cost- It is 6,000 gralats each (see bottom of section)

Ap7 tarus 1

Dive to the left of the "Deep Water!" sign

Directions to Tarus and AP7

Ap7 tarus 2

Swim to the other side and grab the key next to the dead person


Ap7 tarus 3

The tarus is on the right and the ap7 is on the left

Bridge Sewer GunEdit

Neo Riffle- A rifle that fires a single bullet and has two shots in a clip. It also has two special functions, the first one being

Neo riffle
able to wear it on your back and the second one being the bayonet. It's bullet does 9 damage and its bayonet does 6 melee damage.

Location- Under the bridge where the tourist is. Go into the cave and dive in the green water. Swim until you reach the other side and you will see the weapon. (see bottom of section)

Neo riffle 1

Go under the bridge where the tourist is

Directions to neo rifle

Neo riffle 2

Go in the cave and dive in the green water

Neo riffle 3

Swim to the end and come up and you will see the Neo Riffle

One more store needs to be added

Photos done by Best Member Pro chickëmæñ (mustang squad)

ALSO the new 'classic' weapons are found in the classic house (classic sword and bow)

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